chess board

let the chess board of your life dissolve into randomness nature takes over the strategy of the mind by fusing the duality into one   Photography by Japanaibunka Kyoto Advertisements


man has always been building out of his thought and will rarely though truly enjoys what he creates   Photo by Japanaibunka Nara

the flame of consciousness

  the flame of consciousness always burns as brightly as ever no matter if the ego try to enclose it in a box or create a vermillion heavy gate to surround it   the flame burns either one realises it or not      


How many masks the ego uses in order to keep the control? Detach and you will witness a rapid change of colours in its never ending tapestry till the moment every mask is dropped.   Photo by Japanaibunka Asakusa Tokyo

Reflection of life

the reflection of the world is a dream projected in the screen of the mind   Photo by Japanaibunka Kyoto, The Philosopher’s path

Green Curves

The Curves,the lines a poem of harmony Sento Palace Garden, Kyoto Japanaibunka Photography    


Meeting Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kyoto Photography by Japanaibunka  


Connected, Nara Photography by Japanaibunka