The Asahi Flame

The Asahi Breweries headquarters and the golden Asahi flame designed by Philippe Starck. Photography by Japanaibunka

Buddha’s hands

this old couple was trying to mimic Great Buddha’s hands of meditation for quite some time…they were so cute. Kamakura Photography by Japanaibunka

Praying in Asakusa

Release our Prayers and burn with incense all that needs to be burned Asakusa, Tokyo Photography by Japanaibunka

Kyorai’s straw hat

Rakushisha cottage House of the poet Mukai Kyorai His straw hat hanged outside the house as if he would ever return photography by Japanaibunka  

Rakushisha – the cottage of the fallen persimmons.

Rakushisha is the cottage of the Genroku poet Mukai Kyorai. He was one of the ten disciples of the haiku poet Matsuo Basho,Basho once referred to Kyorai in this way : “In Kyoto there is Kyorai, who is in charge of haikaiin Western Japan” He was the most important poet to continue Basho’s authentic style…

whats left

Ueno Zoo Park Photography by Japanaibunka

hide and seek

hide and seek apocalyptic silence the mind unclouded Photography by Japanaibunka, Sento Imperial Garden, Kyoto