a cycle, a drop and the return

there is a space that can watch doors open and close there is a sky that watches the infinite passing of clouds it is the time now to turn the eyes inwardly and face the timeless   live to witness the haikus taste the tasteless   enjoying the fragrances of the four seasons a full…

One year celebration!

Today we celebrate the 1st whole year of this blog one year of learning and enriching ourselves We thank all the followers and friends who became our company on the journey the exploration continues!

We are back!!!

The light changes as the wind of change blows leaves flying all around   …and we are back with you to continue explore and share our love for Japanese Culture Japanaibunka

Summer flow

The summer is ripening I live on an island people arrive, people depart this season means full time work full outward expression and manifestation I will return to my love for Japan when Autumn inwardness returns   Lets Enjoy our Summer or Winter.. give our best each moment serve in gratitude realise our dreams pray…