18th station : 江尻 Ejiri


Ejiri-juku (江尻宿 Ejiri-juku?) was the eighteenth of the fifty-three stations of the Tōkaidō. It is one of four former post stations located in what is now part of the Shimizu-ku area of Shizuoka Prefecture. It was 3.4 kilometers from Okitsu-juku, the preceding post station.Ejiri-juku was Ejiri Castle’s castle town. The castle was built in 1570, but Ejiri-juku was not officially designated a post station until the early 17th century. At its peak, it had two honjin, three sub-honjin and 50 hatago, among the 1,340 total buildings. Its population was around 6,500.Ejiri-juku gave its name to the area’s railway station, until it was renamed Shimizu Station in 1934.


View over Mio-no-Matsu-bara, at the mouth of the Okitsu River (seen close in previous plate), to a hilly coastline beyond; junks anchored in foreground in front of a fishing village, and others sailing in the bay. The most magnificent view of the famous pine groves “Mihonomatsubara” could be had from this station. There stands a pine tree referred to in the famous legend “the feathered robe”. This station is now the port of Shimizu, the biggest port between Yokohama and Nagoya.


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