17th station : 興津 Okitsu


Okitsu-juku (興津宿 Okitsu-juku) was the seventeenth of the fifty-three stations of the Tōkaidō. It is located in what is now part of the Shimizu-ku area of Shizuoka Prefecture,Okitsu-juku was established in 1601, just before the beginning of the Edo period. At its peak, there were approximately 316 buildings and 1,668 people. Among the buildings were two honjin, two sub-honjin and 34 hatago. It was a little over 11 kilometers from the preceding post station, Yui-shuku.


View near the mouth of the Okitsu River, looking out to sea, and two sumo wrestlers being carried upstream, one on a packhorse and the other in a kago. This flat area was noted for its beautiful view of the pine grove “Mihonomatsubara” highlighted by the pretty seascape backdrop.


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