Shinobue by Yoko Deva

Born in 1956, she first learned the flute at the age of 15. Graduated from Kunitachi Music University, majored in the flute course. When she was 23, she met shinobue (one of the Japanese traditional cross flutes) for the first time. She found it so relaxing and familiar, as if she was coming home. She learned shinobue flute under shinobue artist Hiroyuki Koinuma. After a few years, she had already started to play in concerts. In 1986, she travelled around the Asian countries for one year, with a flute in her knapstack. She learned a lot from various music of each country she visited. She came to know about meditation and in this year she became a disciple of Osho. It also changed her style of playing the flute. Now she improvises more, flowing more spontaneously with energy.

This trip also gave her a chance to realize the beauty of Japanese nature. In 1987, she returned to Japan. She again started to give her performances. But this time she preferred to play in temples or outdoors, searching for the harmony with nature.


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