11th station : 三島 Mishima


Mishima-shuku (三島宿 Mishima-shuku) was the eleventh of the fifty-three stations of the Tōkaidō during Edo period Japan. It is located in the present-day city of Mishima, in Shizuoka Prefecture.

n Mishima-juku, there were two honjin and 74 other minor inns for travelers. Mishima was the only post station located within Izu Province. Mishima was the traditional provincial capital of Izu from the Nara period and the location of a major Shinto shrine. Until 1759, Mishima was the location of the daikanshō, the seat of government for the hatamoto-class retainer appointed by the Tokugawa shogunate to rule over Izu Province.Additionally, because water flows from Mount Fuji to the town, it was referred to as the “Capital of Water.


Travellers setting forth in the mists of early morning, one on horseback and the other in a kago. Situated at the entrance to Hakone pass, this station was packed with travellers all through the year.


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