An – Sweet Bean

Another brilliant, sensitive, sweet, tasty and tender movie by Naomi Kawase!

Story: The film centres around Sentaro, a middle-aged man who runs a small dorayaki shop frequented by locals and secondary-school pupils. When he puts up a notice saying that he is looking for a co-worker he is approached by Tokue, a lady in her mid-seventies, who states that she has always wanted to work in a dorayaki shop. Sentaro initially rejects her application, afraid that the work would prove too much for the old lady who, moreover, has somewhat deformed hands. He is swayed, however, when he tries Tokue’s bean paste. Its taste and texture are far superior to that of the factory-made bean paste Sentaro has been using. Sentaro asks Tokue to start making bean paste with him, revealing that up till now he did not actually like his own product.


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