The hawk outside Sento Palace

“Seating on a bench outside Sento Palace. Happiness is filling me in anticipation to the next exploration in Sento Palace! Its time for lunch and we start our first bites. A hawk suddenly dives from the sky and passes from our left to the right…we had to crouch our bodies…the hawk repeats the same dive from right to the left and again!

Honored to be preyed upon by a fellow predator. I felt it as a female hawk…a mother. She flew away and found an observation point exactly opposite of us on a tall pine branch. I felt her eyes focus on our convenient store sandwiches. I felt her making strategy on how to obtain our food and after few minutes she descended again from the right to the left and back again…Our hair moved by the wind her wings created.

And then she flew away creating wider and wider circles in the depths of the Sky ”

The feeling of this moment still vibrates inside me a year after..


mother hawk on a tall pine branch

elegant descend from the sky

somewhere in a nest two open mouths



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