In my opinion, Seppuku is a masterpiece of the Japanese and worldwide cinema. It took me long time to watch but I watched with my breath taken away. From the beginning the movie captured my undivided attention, just by the black and white cinematography-photography scenes, the unexpected turns and curves of the story, the power and truthfulness of Hanshiro Tsugumo, his profound character..


The movie succeeds to transfer the atmosphere of social transformation in the Japanese Samurai world, the decay, stagnation and the ill perception of an honor code that cannot embrace the human suffering. Nobody could then see that this change was happening to all…and we all still cannot see that we are of the same illusionary dust.

The performance of Nakadai who plays the role of Hanshiro Tsugumo is exceptional, breathtaking, captivating and brilliant.I am in awe!

Watch it and feel your guts “flerting” with Seppuku.


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