Station 5th : 戸塚 Totsuka


Art by Ando Hiroshige, late 1830s, chuban yokoye published by Sanoki – Kyoka edition

Totsuka-juku (戸塚宿 Totsuka-juku?) was the fifth of the fifty-three stations (shukuba) of the Tōkaidō. It was the eastern-most post station in Sagami Province. It is now located in Totsuka-ku in the present-day city of Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Because Totsuka-juku was approximately one day’s journey from Nihonbashi, it was a very common resting place for travelers at the start of the journey and the largest post station after Odawara-juku. Because of its size, there were two honjin in the post station as well, one belonging to the Sawabe family (澤辺) and the other belonging to the Uchida family (内田). Another reason for Totsuka-juku being so large was that it was also the intersection of Kamakura Kaidō and the Atsugi Kaidō. A distance marker can now be found in both Shinano-chō and Totsuka-chō.During the Bakumatsu period, when Commodore Matthew C. Perry arrived in Uraga Harbor with his Black Ships, many frightened citizens fled to Totsuka-juku.


Art by Hiroshige „Motomachi Fork“ (Motomachi betsudō, 元町別道) Hoeido edition

A man dismounting form his horse in front of an open tea-house, while a waitress stands by to receive him.Those who left Edo in the early morning reached here by evening and spent their first night at this this station. Beyond this station, the highway was lined with finely shaped pine trees.


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