Cycle Around Japan : A Journey through Boso Peninsula

In this new episode of CYCLE AROUND JAPAN by NHK, we will recommend a journey that you may start cycling as soon as you arrived at Japan. Our destination of this episode is Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture.

Chiba Prefecture is located directly east of Tokyo. A large part of the prefecture is made up of the Boso Peninsula which shields Tokyo Bay from the Pacific Ocean. Actually, Narita International Airport is located northern part of this peninsula, so we will start our trip from this airport.
Chiba is known as the bed-town-area for Tokyo, but once you get past the cities and watch the sharp descent into rural countryside of sprawling rice fields, rolling hills and striking coastlines, you will realize why Boso Peninsula has been variously called “Tokyo’s Breadbasket” for long time. Then, we will ride along the Pacific coast line where is dotted with many traditional fishing villages, and young surfers from Tokyo are attracted by the waves. We’ll meet the people who live on this land, fishing its seas and farming its hills.
Please join us a 350 kilometer cycle ride through the Boso Peninsula!


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