4th Station : 程ヶ谷, 保土ヶ谷 Hodogaya


Ando Hiroshige, late 1830s, chuban yokoye published by Sanoki – Kyoka edition

Hodogaya-juku was established in 1601, and it was the western most post station in Musashi Province during the Edo period. The honjin still belongs to the same family today as the one that owned it when it was first opened. Additionally, there is a stone Buddha statue that travelers often prayed to for safety while traveling along the Tōkaidō.[1]


Ando Hiroshige, “Shinmachi Bridge“ (dai no kei, 新町橋) , Hoeido Edition

The classic ukiyoe print by Ando Hiroshige (Hoeido edition) from 1831-1834 depicts a bridge over a stream, and across it two coolies are carrying a closed kago towards a village on the opposite bank; behind the village rises a low wooden hill.
At this countryside station the travelers had covered a distance of 34 km from Edo and were well into the mood of traveling. By the bridge stands a restaurant which serves Soba (buckwheat noodle) and waitresses stand in front beckoning travellers to the restaurant.


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