Little Forest in four seasons

Little Forest (リトル・フォレスト Ritoru Foresuto) is a Japanese slice of life manga series written and illustrated by Daisuke Igarashi and directed in a two parts movie by Jun’ichi Mori.

A young girl transforms into a woman as she grows her plants and uses seasonal ingredients to create delicious traditional Japanese dishes. The two movies are separated in four parts, each one represents one of the four seasons and the transition in between them. Ichiko (Ai Hashimoto) is gardening, farming, cooking and she is living through tradition a new way of life by herself in a rural mountainous village.Komori is a fictional village placed in Tohoku region. She uses local vegetables, plants, beans and fish to create simple and elegant “oishi” plates, she starts to unfold understanding for her Mother as she matures every single day.

A beautiful simple and tasty movie. One “as a whole” of the best movies I have ever watched. Fresh, rooted, poetic, sustainable, simple, traditional, graceful and wise.


Make sure to find these two movies and enjoy them to the fullest. Be sure to have something tasty on board because if you love Japanese cuisine then your saliva glands will overproduce!

An article about the movie in Japan Times


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